Alessandra Broggiato

Design and craftsmanship,
creativity and craftsmanship.
In a word, “artigigner”.
This is how AB likes to
define herself.

In the creations of Alessandra Broggiato the past, understood as tradition, coexists with techniques and the influences of timeless style icons .

The contemporary world, the need to discover and reinterpret it. And then the charm of nature, the wild and untamed, the search, the movement, the journey.

The fabric between her hands gives life to a tactile and olfactory experience that unleashes the imagination, finding form in original creations, accessories made with a craftsmanship that makes them unique pieces.


But also the journey intended as movement, research, discovery. The flowers, protagonists of Alessandra Broggiato’s creations, thus become unique pieces that interweave the influences from the world to the wonder of nature.

The family
She inherited her creative inspiration from her father Mario in whose workshop she spent the most beautiful and formative moments of her childhood. Here the passion for fabrics, attention to finish, love for craftsmanship and manual skills were born.
The roots
Not just family ones. Even the technique and craftsmanship looks back to the past: in the use of tools dating back to the fifties, in the processing of fabrics, in the colouring that is done by hand, piece by piece.

The icons of the past

The elegance and style of Audrey Hepburn, the transformism of Charlie Chaplin, which made poverty the raw material of its success, turning it into a precious, valuable essence.

Twenty years of experience, the passion for craftsmanship, the care of finishes, in addition to the established principles of seriousness that she transmits with great determination to her work environment. For many years with “Il Laboratorio” she has worked for prestigious high fashion brands.
Il Laboratorio

women who love their work

A team of artisan seamstresses, essential for the growth and balance of the studio, making it a magical environment of the past.